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Benefit Feeds

Benefits Feed Demo (<-click Here!)

Make sure that your benefits providers and JDE stay in synch – send benefit feeds!

Founded by a JDE functional and technical HR/Payroll consultant,SolutionBoost has developed a proven method for delivering benefit feeds and getting them up and running successfully in hours instead of weeks or months.

Writing benefit feeds is one of the most time consuming development tasks within the Benefits module, and it can take a developer multiple months to CORRECTLY develop a single benefit feed! You have to understand the process:

  1. A developer must create a UBE that reads the JDE benefit participant data (employees and dependents) and then creates a flat file to the provider’s specifications. (This can be a very frustrating and time consuming task!)
  2. The provider must test and approve the client file (this is the most time consuming portion of the process, as any small mistakes will then require another iteration of testing!)
  3. Reconciliation MUST take place – all of the mistakes and differences must be reviewed – this is often the most time consuming and difficult step. We make this step easy!

Since SolutionBoost has completed multiple HR/Payroll implementations/upgrades, we were able to come up with the correct strategy and programming in order to keep the provider enrollment (ex: Aetna, Kaiser, Great West, MetLife, etc…) in synch with the JDE benefits/dependent enrollment. This can be a HUGE timesaver for the HR staff - they no longer have to go out to the carrier web sites to update participant enrollment information. The HR staff sends one enrollment file once a week (or whatever frequency you prefer) to the benefits provider and the provider information is automatically updated!

Open enrollment for the New Year becomes a completely automated process! (Assuming you are using Benefits Self-Service)

*Training materials will also be provided, but you can copy them and place them into your own format.

* The best part about it? SolutionBoost will not need to be on-site or get involved with your implementation at all – we will use GoToMeeting to remotely work on the solution. You can share your screen with me (while you are logged onto a dev client) so that I can complete the required development and setup. SolutionBoost will not even need VPN access! You can deliver low cost solutions to your clients with as little interruption as possible.

For more information, e-mail or contact us by phone at (415) 871-4766