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Proven E1 Solutions

View Pay Stubs Demo (<-click Here!)

Employees can view their historical pay stubs and print to a PDF that appears on screen after the PRINT button is clicked.

Benefits Feed Demo (<-click Here!)

Make sure that your benefits providers and JDE stay in synch – send benefit feeds!

Benefit Solutions

Benefit Feeds (see demo)

Importing Dependents

Automatic Billing Reconciliation

Automatic Member Reconciliation

Benefits Audit Reports

Other Solutions

Requisition Workflow

Tax Reporting

Retro Pay Solution

Payroll Check Reconciliation

HR History Reports

Secure Data Storage

Davis Bacon Processing and Reporting

Overtime Rules

View Historical Pay Stub (see demo)

Manager Self-Service Solutions

Employee Self-Service Solutions

Time Entry Solutions

This new approach to JDE E1 Solutions can help you and your clients get new functionality feeds up and running in no time for low $.


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