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SolutionBoost‘s approach to consulting is simple: Results, results, results. We are not content to sit and evaluate for long periods of time. There is a reason why a premium amount is paid for our services – it is up to us to determine ways to save the customer time and money. We will be constantly coming up with new ways to save time for the customer – whether it is writing reports that automate manual tasks, or a report that brings two key pieces of information together.

Philosophy on Employee Development and Training

In general, it is not just the final product that is delivered, but it is also the development of the dedicated employees who are involved with the project. When SolutionBoost leaves a customer, we want the employees to be able to not only maintain the system themselves, but to start thinking of additional ways that the company or department could do things better or more efficiently. This makes the employees more valuable to the company. In many cases, we will learn from the clients! If you create an environment that values their feedback, then you can be sure that they will lose any hesitation to bring fresh, new ideas to the table. It is this type of collaboration that will create the relationships needed to have the dedication from both parties in order to successfully work together to deliver the final product!

Approach to Project Management and Planning

The SolutionBoost approach to project management and planning is to allow maximum feedback from the key stakeholders and focus groups. Get the solution in their hands as soon as possible. This means demos early on in the project are extremely important. Detailed project plans that allow for plenty of time dedicated to creating training material and classes along with a dedicated help desk are some of the important cornerstones of SolutionBoost project management. Another key SolutionBoost approach to product planning is to never allow an action item to go unassigned.

Approach to Testing and User Feedback

In order to make sure that as much feedback is obtained as early in the project as possible, the final product needs to go through three major testing stages - these testing stages will ensure that we flush out as many bugs AND get the solution into the users hands as quickly as possible.

  • Unit Testing – for the core project team and Key Stakeholders
  • User Acceptance Testing – Influential Users from different parts of the organization
  • Pilot Group Testing – “Champion” or “Super Users” who will be supporting and helping others out with this application

Managing a Large Number of New Users

Managing a large number of user IDs is an aspect that SolutionBoost specializes in. One aspect of the large user based implementation that takes a proven methodology is being able to put together reports of user roles and who needs to be assigned what. With a large number of new user IDs being created, it is important to be able figure out a way to assign and manage the accounts along with user passwords. This way, when a user calls in with an issue, we can quickly test their login and duplicate what they see.

Importance of Documentation

SolutionBoost will create user documentation and procedures that will enable the customer to support the solution with minimal support from SolutionBoost.

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