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Importing and Adding Dependents from provider (ex: Aetna, Kaiser, Great West, MetLife, etc…) into JDE. If you do not currently have dependents stored in your JDE system, this is the fast and easy way to get their F0101, F0116, F0115, F08901, and F08336 records created. This application also works extremely well to add new dependents on an ongoing basis for the HR Staff. They can add and enroll multiple dependents into JDE in ONE screen!

How fast is it – how well does it work? At a SolutionBoost client, it took 15 minutes to import 600+ dependents from the MetLife Dental web site into a JD Edwards E1 8.12 client.

(This solution includes up to 5 hours of additional remote support)

Automatic Billing Reconciliation - this solution allows you to import the monthly billing statements from the carrier web sites (all benefit providers allow you to do this), and then you can run a report which compares the Provider billing against JDE billing, and then JDE billing against the Provider billing. This will then create a CSV report that will display any billing discrepancies between the two systems (no more VLOOKUPS or other timely MS Excel work to reconcile your monthly benefit billing statements).

(This solution includes up to 4 hours of additional remote support)

Provider Benefit Feed – Cost is Per Feed based on level of difficulty. (Level of difficulty will be determined when provider specifications are received.)

  • Standard File Format = Aetna, Great West, Metlife, and Discovery COBRA QE, The Hartford, Prudential, Delta, VSP, Kaiser all fall in this category. Includes up to 5 hours of additional remote support with each solution purchased.
  • Advanced File Format Currently no file feeds fall into this category. Includes up to 7 hours of additional remote support with each solution purchased.

*call for updated prices

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